SX bumper

My old South by Southwest boss, Joe Nicolosi, asked me if I was interested in producing the Bumpers for this year’s festival. If you don’t know, bumpers are the short little narratives that play before a screening at a festivals. Television stations also use bumpers to advertise for themselves. TBS, MTV, and Nickelodeon are pretty famous for their these. I was really honored that he wanted my help and happily accepted.

He had to pitch his ideas to SXSW Film Festival but they already like a couple them. They ended up picking four of his pithces, but wanted him to come up with a few more to play in front of the documentaries at the festival. I told him about THIS knitting documentary I was doing and offered to let him use a piece of it as the doc bumper. He, and his bosses, loved the idea and now here we are. The basic idea for the bumper is that we will take a piece of a good interview, splice in some B Roll of knitting and yarn bombing, then have Magda or someone yarn bomb the camera.

I’m a little nervous of how his bumper will portray my subject matter, but I’m excited by the prospect of it creating a lot of buzz. He’s going to put up a credit that says, “for more information about this documentary please go here…” I just hope Joe and I don’t step on each others’ toes. On one hand, this is my documentary and on the other hand, this is his bumper. I’m sure it will be fine. We’ve worked together before.

By the way, Here’s my favorite bumper from last year’s SXSW: Sewing Machine.

The decision

The semester is over and I think I’m going to make it to 2011 alive. I’ve been working like crazy (as stated in previous posts) and it’s nice to see an end in site. However something happened: The Webmaster / Marketing / PR guy at the Radio-TV-Film department is leaving his position. It’s sad for the department because he was part of the RTF family but it presents an interesting opportunity for me. I have been asked to fill his position as interim until they find a replacement. Now I can of course do this job and have accepted the temporary position but the question is, should I actually apply for the permanent position. I’m really happy with my three jobs at the moment. All three are in the film industry and give me the freedom to work outside the jobs but can be crazy. On any given day I’m bouncing around the city to at least 2 jobs and I don’t have a car. These jobs don’t offer me any stability or benefits. This webmaster/PR job would offer me more money and benefits but it isn’t necessarily a job that I aspire to do. I know I would be good at it but do I want to?

What should I do: Keep me 3 jobs which are chaotic, don’t pay me that much, but I genuinely enjoy doing them or do I apply and take this new job which would be more money, benefits, stability but isn’t really something I want to do? The grown up in me says I should take the stable, higher-paying desk job but the young, free-spirit in me is telling me not to settle.

First Contact

On a whim, I facebook messaged Magda Sayeg (aka Knitta of and she actually responded! She’s in Buenos Aires at the moment but gave me her assistant’s email and instructions to set up a meeting time. Hell yeah! She’s kind of a rock star to me. I spent a couple of hours getting every internet article in which she’s been featured and printing them out. I didn’t realize how big this movement really was. It was impossible to read them all in one sitting. At least now I have something to read while I’m home, or at the bus stop, or need break from editing.

Magda has some interesting projects coming up this spring. She’s teaching a knitting class at the Griffin School, the high school that dreams are made of. Most of her work is elsewhere, very little is in Austin. She recently knit some stuff for the ACL music festival and had some other work up during the East Austin Studios Tour (EAST). There’s also a gigt coming up for the Blanton Art Museum. I’m hoping that I will be able to travel with her to her next locales, like Rome, Argentina, and New York. Oh yeah, one more thing. This knitta Queen Bee and I are having our first sit down next week!


I can’t justify sitting here too long and writing but I thought I would check in: I’m super super stressed. More and more work keeps piling up and I haven’t even begun to shop for the holidays! I feel like I’m sinking! And on top of everything John and I are going to move in together come January and we haven’t found a place yet! Why am I even here writing this, I should be working or finding a new apartment or cleaning the one I have!