I love Austin, I can live here forever. A lot of amazing things happen here both in life and in the film industry. Really, things are happening here. Some times it feels like the rest of the country is looking to Austin to declare “cool” between Austin City Limits and South by South West. However I decided that it was time I left Austin and tried something new. I don’t want to start forever right now so I’m going to post pone it.

I grew up in San Antonio, TX, in the same zip code no less for 18 and a half years. Moving to Austin, a mere 86 miles from home, didn’t seem like that big of a step from outsiders but at the time was huge. Not sure if this is known or something to really brag about but I am definitely a “Mommy’s girl”. Going to the University of Texas at Austin seemed like a good fit for me for many reasons, one being that it was far enough away from home to declare my independence but close enough for comfort just in case I needed some time with my Mom. Other reasons UT was the place for me was that the film school was awesome and the film industry was happening. Often called the third coast, Austin got a reputation as being an independent movie hub.

Living in Austin these last nine years has been a dream. Some of the best moments of my life have taken place in the Live Music Capital of the world. It’s tough getting ready to say goodbye. What if it doesn’t work out? Northern California seemed like a natural next step. One of my best friends of all time is there as well as a big documentary community. San Francisco is a bigger city with new opportunities.

Wish me luck!

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