Being Thankful and the Best Thanksgiving Ever

I am not a traditionally religious person or a religious person at all. I only begin with that because lately I have been filled with an overwhelming sense of love that I feel like I’m bursting with it. Every day I just feel lucky and grateful for the people in my life and everything that I have, including my health.

This year has been rough for me. I had a cancer scare in July. Constant car trouble. And in the past couple of months I have become unemployed due to a company lay off. ┬áThis has hit with a variety of emotions about my worth and what I’m doing with my life. Despite what I had initially thought my family has been very supportive of me through this. My mom and sister even flew out to see me and helped me come home for Thanksgiving. This year Thanksgiving was especially special because it was the first Thanksgiving everyone was going to be there, both parents, both brothers, my sister etc. We figured that we all hadn’t been under the same roof in 13 years.





During my dark days I also met an amazing man whom I am happy to call my boyfriend. He surprises me every day with his ease, considerateness, patience, humor, intelligence. generosity, kindness, and striking good looks.